Farmer Jim Brown, Consultant
Backed by more than 30 years of experience in
plowing and horse logging, Jim Brown offers
knowledge and seasoned advice on various
topics. Whether you're just starting out or you're
a professional, Farmer Brown can enrich your
success by providing information you can trust.

"We can cover everything from A to Z, starting
with the romantic beginning of shoveling
manure, throwing hay and building fence. And
I'll be upfront and honest with you."

Logging Results:
" By the time we are done, the goal is for you to
be able to use your newfound skills productively
and be able to make a significant income using
your horses to skid logs."

Plowing Results:
"Our mission is to provide you with confidence
in your plowing ability, field experience, and
knowledge of proper equipment.
Employed with these skills, you can be a
successful plowman."

harnessing horses, Jim Brown can give you the
tools you need to make progress on your
aspirations and endeavors.
To make an
appointment for a
consultation over the
phone, please call:
Jim and Linda Brown
309 Rt 92 South
Tunkhannock PA 18657
(570) 836-8004
Jim Brown with his Belgian horse, Frosty.
Potential Topics:
*Fitting Horse Collars*  Feed and Nutrition* Horse Shelters* Setting Plows* Marketing
Business* Line of Draft* Proper Harnessing* Driving Single, Double, or Multiple Horses*
Shoeing and Stocks* Trailing and Loading Horses* Timber Management* Purchasing*
$75 per hour