"This is where the dreams become reality... Getting out in the woods and actually
doing what you love for a living..."  ~Farmer Brown's Philosphy
Logging with horses allows for the freedom of
maneuverability while adding an extra element of
Environmental benefits:
Logging with horses is a healthier alternative for the
environment. For example, not only does this
practice keep more emissions out of the
atmosphere, horse hooves don't compact the soil as
much as machinery.
Carrying on this enterprise is important for
preserving a rich history of working with draft
horses. It connects us to farming of the past and
propels us forward, by using "Yesterday's
Technology for Today's Times."
The benefits of logging with horses range from
saving gas money to hearing just the jingle of the
harnesses instead of the scream of a skidder engine.
Logging With Horses
Pictured to the left is a logging clinic and a log job combined in western New
York, October 2007. Jim confers with Zach, a horse logging enthusiast who
began his own operation on account of his experience shown here.
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