Planting the Seed:
Jim and Linda Brown, the owners and operators of
Farmer Brown's Plow Shop, got married in 1969.
Their business is rooted in five generations of
experience. Linda's father, Fred, who has been
working in horse logging since the 1940s.He gave Jim
and Linda a horse to use on their new farm in 1975.
"When Jim got his first horse, that's when he
envisioned a dream," said Linda. "I thought he was out
of his mind, and so did everybody else. Little did I
know that it would grow to be the business that it is
Putting Down Roots:
Settling in Hunt, New York, Jim and Linda first began
in dairying, milking 25 cows, while raising two
children. "Dairy farming taught us how to live on
nothing, because we didn't have a lot," said Jim. "The
horses provided extra income. They had to pay their
own way for us to survive."
At this time, the Browns also decided to work as
family care providers for the state of New York. For
20 years, the family hosted as many as five individuals
at a time, and worked with more than twenty people in
need."Family Care taught us how to work with people,
because we worked with so many," said Jim. This
experience helped cultivate Jim and Linda's interests in
teaching, which soon became an even bigger part of
their lives.
Growing the Business:
The logging business that thrives today began with Jim
skidding firewood in a nearby pasture. He learned the
skills he needed through trial and error and patient
advice from Linda's father.
Jim's interest in plowing took off in 1976, when he did
a demonstration in Calidonia, NY, at "Old Fashioned
Days." This experience was a springboard for teaching
future clinics and demonstrations.
Now, with 11 Belgian horses on the farm, Jim and
Linda travel to teach clinics on horse logging and
plowing. Farmer Brown has ventured as far as Idaho,
and continues to host clinics and visit farms and
enthusiasts. Jim and Linda's business is known for
selling plow equipment, effectively logging woodlots
and providing the highest quality job for log buyers
and landowners alike. "Our goal is that we've passed
on this knowledge well enough so that each student
can carry on this lost art," said Linda.

We have moved to Tunkhannock PA in 2013.
Continue to keep our business going.
Came here to be closer to our daughter and grandsons
and currently teaching them how to work their farm.
Linda has taken a posistion at Keystone Konfections as
Bakery manager and being a part of the Keystone
Community Resources program that provides services
for folks with developmental dissabillities and Autisim.
The bakery has been a life long dream come true and
working with great people a joy to go in every day.
When she is not home helping Jim she is at the bakery.
Jim contiunues logging with horses and building his
logging carts and restoring plows.
He just built a new shop. Pictures to follow.
About Us
Meet Jim and Linda Brown
"If you have the desire, you're
willing to work, and you have the
right guidance, you will succeed."
~Linda Brown
Jim and Linda Brown on their 30th
wedding anniversary, Angelica, NY.
Jim and Linda Brown
918 SR N
Tunkhannock PA 18657
570 836 8004
Farmer Jim Brown prepares for the Angelica
County Fair with horse Earl. Angelica, NY, 1976.
Our first horse Buck, in the pasture behind
our house. Hunt ,NY. 1975
Jim with his first horse, Buck , at the County
Fair in Angelica, NY. 1976
Grandpa Fred, Jim Brown and son Jimmy.
Centerville, NY, circa 1988.
Fred Wolfer, Linda's Dad, with his team of
Percherons, showing how to bunk logs on a
sled during a clinic. Hunt, NY, March 2004.
Jim and Linda Brown
50 years