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Five Foot Plow Handles Pair
Five foot ash plow handles, custom made for Farmer Brown's Plow Shop. Old style grip. Built for the guys that want to use them.. Price is for the pair.
"Farmer Browns Brand"
This does not include
the cross bars
Four Foot Plow Handles
The 4ft handles can be used for cultivators as well.
You will receive a pair for
Ship Weight:
Four and a half foot handles
Four and a half foot handles, made of Ash. Custom-made for Farmer Brown's Plow Shop.
Ship Weight:
Georgia Handles
Georgia Handles. Price includes pair and crossbar. Hard to find and sold only here at Farmer Browns Plow Shop
These are 58 in long for you to trim to your plow
Ship Weight:
Horse-Drawn Plowing With Farmer Brown DVD
This is from the Master of Horse Drawn Plowing him self. Has been selling for over 11years. It is a must have for all. This is a 4 and 1/2 hour three dvd set. It will show you the do's and don'ts of plows and plowing in a simple, down-to-earth style. You will learn: *What to look for when purchasing a used plow. *How to assemble a walking plow piece-by-piece. *When to replace the plow beam, frog, landside, shin, moldboard, point, jointer, and depth wheel. *How to plow with two and three horses. *How to adjust and use a walking plow and sulky plow to gain proper width and depth of cut in various soil conditions. *How to adjust horizontal hitch, vertical hitch and line of draft, and how these affect the plow and cut. *How to open a land *How to make the crown, dead furrow and headlands.
Ship Weight:
A Happy Customer stated on Rural Heritage Front Porch
Response by Bret4207 at 2010-03-14 08:55:07
Mrs. Brown- Very nice to see you here. May I take this
chance to pass along my sincere thanks to you and Jim for
establishing the finest business I've encountered. And your
videos are the best- PERIOD!!! I just wish Jim would do a
video on how he trains his horses. I spent a lot of money on
a 4 video set from another person and got more out of Jims
plowing video and it wasn't even about training a team!

Best wishes from another NYer!
Logging Your Woodlot With Farmer Brown DVD
This DVD is one and a half hours long.*Contains simple and practical techniques that the land owner can utilize on their own wood lot.*This DVD will privide simple basic instructions on working with horses in the wood lot.*It will show you the tools needed and how to use them safely.* It will show you ground skidding with one or two horses and two horses on a skid cart.*Tips by a professional forester on how to thin your woods to promote a profitable stand of trees.*Proper techniques for felling trees.
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Seven Foot Handles
Seven Foot Plow Handles are commonly used in plowing competitions for more leverage. Hard to find but you can here at Farmer Browns Plow Shop
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Six Foot Handles
Six foot plow handles are made of ash with the custom old-style grip.
A pair for:
Ship Weight:
Special Offer from Farmer Brown
You will receive a pair of 5ft
handles, two cross bars,
one cross bolt. A good deal
from Farmer Browns.
This has been a popular
Amish Ash Handles
64 inches
Includes instructions
Slip Scraper Handles
30 in long
Amish made slip scraper handles. Hard to find. We have them here at Farmer Browns
19 in X 1in
21 in X 1in.
Cross Bars for Plow Handles
On Sale
Seconds available in spindles while
they last!  This Pair 24.00
planet jr handles alone
Pair of
Handles Only
Amish made, white oak, 52 in. long.
20 inch Gun Cart Handles
These Handles Oak like the original!
Planet Jr Handles with Cross Bar
Drill your own holes
Practical Horse Drawn Logging With Farmer Brown #1
This new dvd is a unscripted day logging in the woods of Wyoming county of Western NY. On this warm summer day. You can see the quietness of the team pulling out the logs while a dog is barking in the back ground and Jimmy Jr falling trees. If you would like to see Farmer Browns Logging Arch in full action this is the video for you. Close up shots of hooking the logs and taking them out to the landing. The teams precise moves of backing up to the log with no wasted movement. This video was shot by the land owner and edited by our video augopher. You will be mesmerized by this film watching the team work with Jim on one of his log jobs. Ad this to your Farmer Browns Video collection.
A day in the woods with Farmer Brown
On Sale
Walking Cane
Made in the USA
On Sale
Solid Wooden Walking Cane Amish made. This cane is made out of Ash and steam bent. 36in long by 1in.
Ship Weight:
On Multiple
Orders.. The SH
May Change. I will
be glad to take
your order and
answer questions
you may have....
Thank you
Plow Cross Bolt Hand Made
Steel hand-made bolt with thread at bottom hammer head and square nut
Steel Bolt Hand-made here at Farmer Browns 23 in.
Ship Weight:
Return Policy Shipping and Handling are not
refundable and a 15% restock shelf charge.
Thank you to all our customers for over 12 yrs
19 in Wooden Spindle
21 in Ash wooden cross bar
Ash Amish made wooden spindles for plows or cultivators or any other project.
We have a few
seconds available
see prices on
handle page.
Good till gone
Handles great
Plow Handles
Four FT Pkg Deal
Four FT Pkg Deal
Only one spindle with this order
53 inches
Includes Instructions
Four and half ft pair pkg. deal
4 -1/2 -ft -pkg- deal
59 inches
Includes Instructions
With this order:
One pair 5ft
Two cross bars
One cross bolt
6 carriage bolts
6 washers
6 nuts
Trouble ordering call us at   570 836 8004.
Please leave message    Thank you
We now have to
charge 6% PA Sales Tax
Thank you to all our customers for the past 23 years shipping plow
Our Amish maker has retired. We found another company in Vermont
that is considering to make our handles. It wil cost more to purchase
from him but it is in the good old USA! These prices below indicate the
price change.
We have plenty of 4.5 ft handles and a few 5 ft handles left. Plenty of
cross bars and bolts.
We are also looking back to USPS for shipping again. It will be less then
UPS. If you would like me to ship USPS please call us 570 836 8004
We are shipping out
Wednesdays now!
This time of year is
very busy. This will
give us a better
shipping skedual.
Thank you to all our
customers through
the years!