Learning to Log
Jim and Linda Brown
309 SR 92 S
Tunkhannock PA 18657
(570) 836-8004
  • Correct fit and storage of equipment
  • Technique of driving and training horses
  • Trailing horses to the woods
  • Safety while working outdoors
  • What trees to cut and which to leave
  • Correct felling procedures
  • Skidding logs with horses
  • Preparation to sell the logs
Focus topics for
Demonstrations and Clinics
Clinics and Demonstrations:
logging with horses to the next level, Farmer
Brown offers clinics as full introductions or
continued education. He travels with the
team, or you can visit him at his home in
western New York.
You can choose to work one on one with
Farmer Brown, or put a group together for a
clinic or demonstration. Farmer Brown also
visits educational entities interested in
working with draft horses. The object of the
clinic is to maximize your skills by working
in an intensive hands-on environment.
Clinic and Demonstration Rates:
Our Site: $450.00 per day for the clinic

Off-Site: $995.00 per day for the clinic
$1.80 per mile we travel, round trip
Total for two persons = $900.00 per day,
in addition to the one-time cost of
mileage. We will bring our horses and
equipment. (Three or more call for

For Farmer Brown:
$750.00 per day
plus                                     $1.80 per mile

For private clinics give us a call
Please visit the links
below for additional
Farmer Brown offers a comprehensive
presentation on logging with horses.
draft horses for more than 30 years.
Logging Your Wood Lot With Farmer Brown
is available on DVD at our Catalog.
please call:
(570) 836-8004