Jimmy Jr. Planting oats with Frosty and Bud.
April 22, 2008
Farmer Brown's son, Jimmy.
Linda with her famous Oat-Meal Bread
This is a favorite with her customers along
with her pies and Sour Cream Cookies.
She now runs a bakery in Tunkhannock PA
Keystone Konfections check it out on Face
Book. If you are in the area please stop!
Farmer Brown received Grand-Champion at Billings
Vermont Plowing Match. May 2008
Our daughter and grandsons joined us on our trip
to Vermont this May 2010.
Plowing on Browns Island Farm along the
Gennesee River NY with Pioneer Plow 2009
Pictures From Southern Draft Horse  
Days! In Midway Tenn. Sept 09
Jim teaching plowing with a Leroy
Walking Plow.
Photos of all the folks that made this
event possible..( Healing Harvest Forest
Thank you and hats off to you Jason Rutledge
(he is on the left talking on the phone) for
putting this event together.
Here is a tree on the log job.
From the Enchanted Forrest
Eric from NY apprentice driving our team
Jim plowing Vermont Billings 2010. He won 2nd
in walking and sulky plowing. Plot below
Cakes Linda has
made this month.
"Pushing UP Daisies "By Linda Brown
Cake Linda made for her
Father Fred Wolfer's 80th
300 cupcakes were made!
Cultivating Corn in Garden
Getting ready to start Logging
Sierra and Linda made relish and
pickled onions from garden.
Lemon Pie tonight!
Our New Sign by our house.
Farmer Browns Logging Arch at
Sterling College Vermont.
Linda teaching Kate how to
decorate a cake.
The Bake Shop
Grandkids playing in Barn
Clinic in NJ
Apprentice learning to log
Horse Progress Days
Customer we purchased team for and built his
logging arch.
Grandkids on the Farm in NY