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Learning to Plow
The lost art of plowing is making a
People are discovering the benefits of
using animals to assist with farming.
At Farmer Brown's Plow Shop, you can
learn to plow and see for yourself can
learn to plow and see for yourself why
so much interest revolves around
plowing with horses.
Clinics are offered by Farmer Brown
that cover any range of skills and
abilities. At a clinic, you can get
hands-on experience working both in the
field and in the barn. The most
important aspects of plowing are
covered in these comprehensive clinics,
developed for you by people who plow.
Anyone can learn to plow. All you need is the desire to work
hard and get your feet in the soil.
A plow clinic, led by Farmer Brown, in Billings, VT.
Plowing with Fred Wolfer's team in Centerville, NY.

Farmer Brown offers a comprehensive
presentation on plowing with horses.
Learn from a person who has won
various plowing competitions and owned
draft horses for more than 30 years.
Horse Drawn Plowing With Farmer Brown
is available on DVD at our Catalog.

Our Site: $450.00 per day

Total for one-two people = $450. per day

Off-Site: $900 per day for the clinic
$1.50 per mile we travel, round trip
Total for one or two people = $900.00
per day, in addition to the one-time
cost of mileage. We will bring our
horses and equipment. Call for pricing
on two or more at your clinic.

At your farm with Farmer Brown:
$500.00 per day plus expenses.                    
For one or two people.
Plow Points
Happy Customer with Plowing DVD

My mother in law got me the Farmer
Brown DVD for Christmas! Finally had
enough time to watch the first disc. Wow
was it informative. Much more then I was
expecting and I still have 2 more discs
to go! Thanks Mr and Mrs Farmer Brown
for making this great video for us
rookies! Happy New Year all!