Linda Brown practicing for the Great Lakes International
Plowing Competition.
Our Mission:        
At Farmer Brown's Plow Shop, we not only supply the
horse-drawn farming equipment you need, we also teach
the skills.  We believe that learning the trade properly
ensures success in what ever your goal may be. Whether
your a fledgling plow enthusiast or you've been plowing
for years, we offer information for every ability level.
Because we participate as active members of the
horse-drawn plowing community, we can give you the
steps to become involved yourself.
A Brief History:
The idea of using horses to plow dates back through
centuries of agriculture. For Farmer Brown, this idea
became practical in 1977, after he purchased his second
draft horse.
He began the plow shop with hopes that horse-drawn
farming would become more popular and gain
awareness as people grew more sensitive to the
environment. He believed that a horse had to earn its
keep to remain at his farm. So he put them to work.
After years of training, trial and error and competitions
all over the United States, Farmer Brown continues to
watch the industry grow and his students become
teachers of the trade.
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including gun cart handles and plow
handles, please look at our
Items We Carry by Phone Order Only:
Plow Beams
  • Hand-made crossbars
  • Plow points
  • Walking Plows
  • Sulky plows
  • Cross bolts
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Jim and Linda Brown
908  SR 92 N
Tunkhannock PA 18657
(570) 836-8004
The Plow Shop
Jim plowing his field with Sally, the dog. (The horses
helped, too.)

Farmer Brown offers a comprehensive
presentation on plowing with horses.
Learn from a person who has won
various plowing competitions and owned
draft horses for more than 30 years.
Horse Drawn Plowing With Farmer Brown
is available on DVD at our Catalog.
This plow has been fully restored. It is a Wiard Plow
from a customer that has had this plow in the family
for many years. It is one her father used on the family
farm. Farmer Brown built the beam from timber
hauled from the woods with his team of Belgians.
Plow Points
This plow for sale! John Deer
Price on this plow call or email us
Walking plows available give us a  call
570 836 8004